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28-Jun-2020 22:14

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It sounds like I need to allow them a password protected easy WYSIWYG page editing interface just for the content parts of their pages. Word Press is excellent for brochure or blog publishing - one-to-many - but if you require community features, membership, user-contributed content and user relationships, I recommend Drupal.

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They of course don't know the first thing about HTML or FTP, so this means I'm out of a job for updating their website - but if that means they don't become a client in the first place it would make sense to allow this. If it helps, I have c Panel with Fantastico, and my pages are all in php.

So I'm figuring if I make the text area of some of their pages come from include files with no theme elements, all they'll need to do is be able to update that those text files, which may include some paragraph, bold, and underline tags behind their scenes, but nothing about site templates or themes.

Basically, I need something just like this page, where I can hit "edit" to edit just my message, and what I write/change has no connection to the theme or operation of the rest of this page (but I do have a few simple tools like bold, italic, and link).

Do not think of them as blog software but as a true content management systems with widgets and plugins that allow you to easily meet customer's needs.

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Setting up your custom banner, navigation menu, sidebar features and widgets are all easily done in each of them and access to those design elements can be restricted to your access only - insuring your future employment potential.

I'm a big fan of Drupal too but that doesn't mean it's the best choice for every project.

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