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All of the techniques differ in the sample processing (destructive versus nondestructive) and information obtained from ink analysis.

Some of these procedures are nondestructive (Harris 1991; Trzcinska 1993; Varlaskin and Low 1986), whereas others are more destructive than thin-layer chromatography extractions because they require that more samples be physically removed from the document (Merrill and Bartick 1992; Trzcinska 1990).

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Inks are complex mixtures of colorants, vehicles, and additives, which are adjusted in composition to produce the desired writing characteristics (Industrial Dyes: Chemistry, Property, Applications 2003).

Colorants are compounds that give ink the desired color and can include any or all of the following chemical classifications: pigments and/or acidic, basic, azoic, direct, disperse, reactive, and solvent dyes.

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