Muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log

29-May-2020 22:08

muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log-43

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Not yet having heard from Synology support and no change in the situation, I wondered if maybe the router/switch was to blame.So I connected client machine directly to NAS and found that able to login.Same error for each:"you are not authorized to use this service"Also get this error when trying to login into the DSM web interface, so can't even check what is going on! I did enable IP blocking a while ago but have tried logging in from multiple devices on my home network as well as from several external IPs, so rules that out.That combined with the fact that I can access shares, FTP and SSH and Plex.I managed to successfully log on once and update the installed packages but now when I try with any of the accounts I get an 'Operation failed' or ' User does not have proper permissions' error and get thrown out.I can log in via FTP using the same usernames and passwords - any help would be greatly appreciated!Attempted login with my account, same error as before.. Prior to DSM 5.0 4458 update 1, you can select your own admin user name e.g User name :donkeyadminpassword : 123456After DSM 5.0 4458 update 1, the username for admin is 'admin'.

muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log-37

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lang=enu2) To avoid putting users' Disk Station at risk, please don't paste links to any patches provided by our Support team as we will systematically remove them.

I noticed that the DNS server had somehow reset itself to a different IP address and so I don't think it was able to resolve any addresses (and hence Quickconnect and my DDNS provider).

Eventually it came up and I was able to access the web interface on my local LAN and go and set the DNS server again. After upgrading to DSM 5.0 it happened within 15-30 mins.

That seemed like good progress until I realised that despite being logged in with my account which has full admin privileges, I was not able to make any changes.

Any attempt to do so, was met with:"The operation failed. Although I pretty much knew what would happen next, I logged out and attempted to log in as "admin" and got the same error as before.Up until yesterday all was fine, but appears since updating Video, Audio and Photo station none of these services including download station are working.