Outlook vba updating access table

17-Apr-2020 09:59

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In addition, imagine that the most widely used form of communication in your organization is e-mail.

Under ordinary circumstances, you would design a Web interface using ASP and COM to query the database.

While e-mail is certainly a powerful and widely used tool, it is usually not integrated with an application for performing any tasks other than sending reminders.

The application scenario described here, an e-mail-based SQL update program, uses a simple data model; however, this solution will apply to any data model that you are working with.

Figure 1 shows the definition for the simple table that holds this information.

Figure 1 Inventory Table The table, called tbl Inventory, has six columns.

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The sample database, Contacts.mdb, has a contacts table (tbl Contacts), and a form bound to it, frm Contacts.Ideally, Office would have built-in tools for doing Access-Outlook contact synchronizing, but anyone who has tried linking an Outlook Contacts folder to an Access table knows how problematic this is.

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