Science of dating wear red dating someone with same name as parent

02-Jun-2020 14:53

He said: "We find it fascinating that merely changing the colour of a woman's shirt can have such a strong influence on how she is perceived by men.

"It is possible that women actually wear red clothing more when they are interested in sexual encounters.

Like many makeup-obsessed women, we're huge fans of lipstick.

But we sometimes wonder if the men in our lives are as jazzed about the bold face paint as we are.

The students then completed a questionnaire which asked them to rate, on a scale of one to nine, how attractive they thought the woman was.

They also had to rate her in terms of how likely they thought it was that she would have sex with a man on the first date.

Psychologists who studied 120 male students aged 18 to 21 discovered that most thought choosing to wear red meant a woman had “greater sexual intent” and was more likely to jump into bed with a man than someone who opted for more neutral colours.

Each volunteer spent 30 seconds looking at an image of the same 20-year-old woman but with the colour of her top varied for each group from red, blue, green or white.

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The University of South Brittany’s study found: “Studies have shown that red is connected to lust and romantic love as well as to female fertility.To put it bluntly, is lipstick a turnoff or a turn-on?We all know the importance of color and how it effects others' perception of you when you wear it.The woman was judged to be most attractive when she was wearing the red top, followed by white, blue and finally green.

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She was also judged, by a significant margin, to be most likely to agree to sex when she wore red, followed by blue, green and finally white.We are currently investigating this possibility, and preliminary evidence suggests that this is indeed happening." The study, which is published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, asked three groups of men to rate the attractiveness of "moderately attractive young woman" with brown hair in three separate experiments.

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