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HB: The thing with your character is he's not a blood relative of the family but he's taking on a leadership role.How did you straddle that line between outcast and authority figure?HB: What's the most challenging part of playing Baz? There are so many characters and trying to keep all the logistics together has been a challenge.I think they are doing a great job with it, but for me, just kind of keeping my head on it and keep it dedicated to the character I've set out to play is the overall challenge. I'm sure it's a lot of fun just to get the script and read through it and see where the writers are taking the characters.It was the potential of the character more than anything.HB: You're known for pretty straightforward hero-type roles.

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As I said, I was really ready to take on that leadership role as an actor, so that was easy for me to jump into.And also saying yes to the possibility that the character can go this way or it can go that way. SS: I feel very confident about what they're doing, but like any good TV show, things change and things evolve and you have to be ready to move when they do and not get too bogged down in the backstory and things like that.Things are ever-evolving on the show, especially in the first season where we're trying to find our footing and trying to find what stories we really want to tell and finding what works best for these characters, these actors, and the show itself.Was it weird for you to take on this morally ambiguous, anti-hero role?

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SS: Not really at all for me, because I feel a lot more comfortable in that department than any.And me being the oldest one [on set] doesn't hurt either.