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Van Boekel began his legal career in 2009 after earning his law degree from Michigan State University College of Law cum laude (with honors) and receiving the approval to practice law in the state of New Jersey in 2010.In addition to his approval to practice in all of New Jersey's state courts, the U. District Court for the District of New Jersey has also issued its approval for him to practice in its courtrooms, ensuring he can represent his clients' interests regardless of the court with jurisdiction. Van Boekel has already built a reputation of an excellent trial lawyer having had more than 25 trails under his belt and ongoing. Van Boekel is also a certified professional family law mediator. Van Boekel is not working with a client, he is often found at pro bono legal events where he volunteers to assist the poor with legal assistance. Van Boekel is also a member of numerous legal organizations.HD1080ide posted a video featuring 10 minutes of highlights from the Hannover Messe 2017 technology exhibition in Hannover, Germany.The robots are shown engaging in lightsaber duels, lifting vehicles, organizing groceries on a shelf, and serving beverages at a bar.The parent should also provide an additional note to be given to the bus driver.The child should show the note to the bus driver after it has been signed by the teacher or principal.Library books are school property and should be returned in the condition loaned to the child.A complete description of the district transportation policy and bus and conduct and safety code appears in the school district calendar. A child may not exit the bus at a stop other than the designated stop or go home on a different bus unless the parent has written a note to the teacher.

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Checks must be made payable directly to the book company and not to Hanover School or to the teacher. Children who lose or damage textbooks or library books will be required to pay for them within three days after the loss has been confirmed.

Continued attendance violations may result in the student being classified as a habitual offender as defined in the Student Code of Conduct which may result in expulsion from the Bethlehem Area School District.

Three unlawful absences will result in written notice of violation of the Compulsory Attendance Law and may result in prosecution pursuant to Section 1333 of the Pennsylvania School Code.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the PTA Student Directory which provides student addresses.

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Neither the school office nor the classroom teacher may provide student addresses.

While students might enjoy celebrating their birthdays with their classmates, there are alternatives to junk food items. Parents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines permitted to hand out party invitations in school.

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