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24-Apr-2020 16:44

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I leave my socks on the floor in the bedroom, and yes they stink. Not just insist, you must LOVE to do my laundry and look forward to it. He is having fun, doing what he wants and is making his own rules. When I read this profile, I instantly felt attraction towards the guy writing it.

Look forward to it like you look forward to water in the desert. Truth is the first sentence kind of threw me off, but as I continued reading, my attraction began to grew.

So here’s a challenge for you…give a profile like this a try.

Have fun with it, be loose and casual…and watch as the emails come rolling in from girls wanting to know more, and from girls telling you that you made them laugh.

Had he just been a goof ball with nothing else to offer it would have been really disappointing.

It’s very similar to meeting a guy, that can only banter but has no idea how to make a real connection.

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