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All the early gnashing of teeth that went on about the That’s not to say that the 42 isn’t bigger than, say, a P3AT…it is. This gives you a little more palm room to hold the smaller gun and still ensures that the mag will drop free when your press the release.

I own a P3AT (I’m lucky to have one of the good ones) and I carry it a lot. But it’s not as small or concealable as the little Kel Tec (or an LCP), particularly in jeans. Another difference is in the trigger, though it’s minor.

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Any caricature we can dream up is enough, so long as it obscures the reality that real women can be just as mighty as men. And, just like that, the Bond universe has a new boss.

Sure, Tilda Swinton has the mystique, and Emily Blunt has the moves, but Anderson's onscreen presence embodies the single characteristic that Bond needs above all others.

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Cambrian volcanism and associated sedimentation was followed by the deposition of dominantly quartz-rich turbidites with interbedded shale and siliceous units.… continue reading »

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The siblings were joined by their mother Tina Simpson but after a lengthy day dealing with lawyers they looked exhausted by the time they left in the late afternoon.… continue reading »

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It blew all of my preconceived notions about the Indian Culture as a whole ( which I've gotten from old movies and old books).… continue reading »

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